Signs That Your Spouse Is Lying

Nobody wants to be lied to. However, the feeling of being lied to feels awful when the person that lies to you is a boyfriend, girlfriend, bbw escorts las vegas, husband or wife. But, how do you tell if your spouse is lying? Generally, there are many ways to tell if your spouse is lying. Here are things that you should look for when confronting a lying spouse.

Funny Sound

Liars are also known as fast talkers. However, speed in speech varies just like that of an honest person in a conversation. But, the speech rates of liars are altered within a sentence. A liar can speak slowly while thinking about the next lie to say. And when a lie hits their mind, they try to speak it out faster. What’s more, a lying spouse varies their vocal tone. If the baritone of your partner rises, they are most probably lying.

Slips in Verbal Clues

Remembering what happened sometimes back and the story they try to make you believe is a significant mental burden. Most liars buckle under this strain making verbal faux pas. A lying spouse can use present and past tenses in a story or repeat a question that you ask instead of answering it. Even when a lying spouse doesn’t stumble, their sentences can signal deception. In most cases, a lying spouse will stop using pronouns in a speech to keep distance from a lie.

Contempt on the Face

Contempt is a disrespect and moral superiority feeling. This is among the dangerous micro-expressions of people in a relationship. It is shown in form of half-smile smirk with a mouth raised on one side. Contempt is used to show that a person has justified their lie while showing that they have gotten away with it. However, it is possible to see contempt on a liar’s face no matter how smart they think they are.

Running and Hiding

Unless a person is incredibly skilled in the use of body language, it’s easy to know their position in a conversation. People tend to align belly buttons with objects that interest them. When you ask a lying spouse a question that they don’t want to answer, they might unwittingly cover their mouth, eyes, or the whole face with their sunglasses, arm, or hand. This is a subconscious way of trying to disappear. Therefore, pay attention to the body-blocking behavior of a spouse that you suspect might be lying when you confront them.

Off-Balance Feeling

Liars can generally distort reality especially if they practice for some time. If your spouse or bbw escorts is a chronic liar, they can make you feel like even the floor you are stepping on is shifting beneath your feet. For instance, they can present false information in a way that convinces you to believe them and start questioning your recollection. This is a form of manipulation known as gas-lighting. Common lines that gas-lighters or lying spouses use include ‘I didn’t say that- you’re making things up’.

Basically, these are the major signs that your spouse is lying. Nevertheless, you need to be extra careful to notice them when you confront a lying spouse.

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